Frequently Asked Questions


Infiniverse is a decentralized augmented reality (AR) platform and virtual world on top of the real world. It enables users to bring digital content into the real world, allowing it to be seen and interacted with by any other nearby users, as well as to place persistent content in the real world. The goal is to create a rich parallel universe that users can seamlessly switch into, allowing them to experience diverse AR content and applications, all co-existing and interacting, and a thriving virtual economy that allows content creators to create real economic value, while keeping all of the proceeds.
Virtual reality completely immerses you into a digital world, cutting you off from your real surroundings. On the other hand, augmented reality allows you to interact with digital content while remaining connected to the real world and people around you, by superimposing virtual content onto the real world using a smartphone or smart glasses.
While there are some undoubtedly great AR apps being released, the world is too large to restrict ourselves to a single AR app at a time. But how can we experience multiple AR apps without it becoming a big mess of overlapping virtual content? How do we assign rights to place AR content in specific locations and how do we allow these diverse AR apps to interact with each other?

Infiniverse solves all these problems by creating a digital land registry for real world locations and a platform to combine the entire world's digital space into a single, persistent interactive, virtual world.
The blockchain allow users to retain full control, ownership and security of their Infinicoin, land and assets. Using a blockchain token for our virtual currency allows trade to take place immediately between users throughout the world without an intermediary. In addition, the blockchain, along with IPFS, makes Infiniverse indestructible, allowing the virtual world to live on in perpetuity, without losing data, even if the company was to shut down.
For Infiniverse to be successful, it needs free and instant transactions, both of which are possible with EOS. Other blockchain platforms are significantly more limited in the speed of transactions, while also costing the user a fee for every action. In addition, Infiniverse aims to be very user-friendly: users should not even need to know that they are using a blockchain. This matches the philosophy of EOS.
The Infiniverse AR app initially runs on iOS and Android smartphones which support ARKit and ARCore. All iPhones since 6S running iOS 11 and above support ARKit, while the list of devices supporting ARCore can be found here. In the future we will support smart glasses when these devices are more widespread and appropriate for outdoor use. The land map and asset management interface is accessible via a web browser.
The Infiniverse AR app is currently in public beta. It can be downloaded on iOS Testflight and Android App Testing


Attached content is any asset that follows you around in the world. It exists for as long as you are running Infiniverse, but vanishes from the world as soon as you quit the app. On the other hand, your persistent content stays in a fixed location, no matter where you are, or whether you are even running the application.
Land represents the digital space of a real-world location. It allows you to place persistent content in that location. Land is required because real-world space is a scarce resource and without restricting persistent content to land, popular locations would become a big mess of overlapping virtual content.
Land must be registered for a yearly fee, similarly to how domain registrations works. This discourages hoarding of unused land. Land may be registered either via the Infiniverse AR app, by going to its real-world location, or anywhere in the world via the land map. Land registration is priced per square meter, in Infinicoin. Land that has already been registered may be traded between users on the Infiniverse marketplace.
Yes, in the future you will be able to rent out your land to other users. This gives them the right to manage the persistent content on the land for the duration of the rental period.


Infinicoin (INF) is a token on the EOS blockchain and the virtual currency that powers the Infiniverse economy. It is required to register land and make transactions on the Infiniverse marketplace.
Infinicoin (INF) was airdropped to EOS owners on the 27th of November, 2018. It can be purchased from EOS-based exchanges including YOLO. In the future we plan to support credit cards for land registration.
Infinicoin is a pure utility token. It is not designed for speculation or to maximise value. Rather, Infinicoin is designed to be a stable store of value for the Infiniverse economy. Please do not speculate on Infinicoin—rapid appreciation in Infinicoin will be detrimental to the Infiniverse economy and the monetary policy will counteract large price movements. If you wish to earn money with the Infiniverse platform, there are a number of opportunities, but they substantially involve your own effort. In the future, we may launch a security token designed for profit, which gives security token holders the right to a proportional number of newly-issued Infinicoin.
The Infiniverse platform offers a number of avenues to earn Infinicoin: selling digital assets on the marketplace, renting or selling your land, placing premium content on your land, and doing jobs for other users are all potential revenue sources. For more information, read our blog post.
No, Infinicoin follows a monetary policy carefully designed to allow for stability of prices in the Infiniverse economy. Its goal is to keep the average prices of land and digital assets on the marketplace steady in terms of Infinicoin. An increase in average prices on the Infiniverse marketplace will lead to a decrease in the supply of Infinicoin, while a decrease in prices on the marketplace will lead to an increase in the supply of Infinicoin. The monetary policy will be coded into the Infinicoin smart contract and will not take effect until after a period of sustained marketplace activity to measure against. For more information, read our blog post.


Infiniverse, Inc. is a US corporation, registered in the state of Delaware.
Infiniverse and Samsung Next embarked upon a collaboration in February 2018. We worked directly with them for three months, helping them build WhARe, their AR cloud product. Infiniverse received $50,000 from Samsung Next for our efforts, as well as a perpetual license to WhARe. We continue to maintain a close relationship, with our feedback quickly being implemented into the WhARe cloud, an integral component of the Infiniverse technology stack.