The World's
Digital Layer

Augment the entire world

Infiniverse is an augmented reality metaverse running on the Solana blockchain.


Discover the world in a brand new way


Create anything you can imagine

Piggy Bank

Start a business and earn cryptocurrency

The challenge

Augmented Reality has arrived – but every app is an isolated experience.

How can multiple AR apps be experienced simultaneously?
How do we assign rights to place AR content in specific locations?
How can various AR apps interact with one another?

We need a digital land registry for real world locations and a platform to combine the entire world’s digital space into a single, persistent, interactive metaverse.

The Infiniverse Platform

Create, buy and sell AR NFTs
Buy land NFTs—the digital layer of real-world locations to place persistent content
Trade your land and digital assets on the marketplace using cryptocurrency
The blockchain gives you full control and security over your currency, land and asset NFTs

Earn Cryptocurrency

Earn Infinicoin
Shopping Cart

Trade your digital asset NFTs


Rent and sell your land NFTs


Place premium content on your land


Do jobs for other users

How it works

Content Creators

Design and animate 3D models
Build interactive AR experiences and apps
List your creations on the marketplace as NFTs

Content Owners

Create content or get it from the marketplace to build the metaverse
Persistent content: Buy or rent land NFTs and place objects persistently
Attached content: Have your objects follow you around the world